Classement des danses selon leur passage dans les bals sur l'année 2016,
auxquels nous nous sommes rendus, (85, 49, 35 et 56).

certaines n'ont fait qu'un seul bal, d'autres plusieurs. Les danses sont classés par niveau et par popularité...

Un grand merci à Alain Leuranguer, qui tient à jour notre tableau de statistiques,

et à tous mes élèves qui m'apportent des playlistes des bals où ils sont allés. 

Légende : 
Pot commun 
N14 pour Nantes 2014
O13 pour Grand Ouest 2013
V14 pour Vendé 2015


Danses Débutantes Danses Novices Danses Inter et avancées
All about a woman   Tag on   Corn don't grow  
Hooked On Country    Sweet delight ©   Bounty  
My Everything O14 The boat to Liverpool   Overrated  
The harvester   Homegrown   Angel in blue jeans  
Billy' dance ©    My dear juliet   Bring Down the House  
Celtic na la    Disappearing Tail Lights N13 Bruises NV14
My utopia   It's america   The final test  
Sweet Maureen (rafel corbi) O14 Lay low   Springsteen  
P3   Pavement ends   Angelina  
American kids   Raggle Taggle Gypsy O N14 Driven  
Golden wedding   Colorado girl   Footloose  
Joena   Better times (scott & vikki morris) V14 Somewhere in my car NV14
On the waves   Galway girl   messed up in menphis  
An absolute dream   Good time girls   Summer fly  
just a little love (maggie) V14 Mexican Wind ©    Doctor Doctor   
Little wagon wheel (wagon wheel rock et lost in me   Black mercedes   Leti (sevrine) NO14
Two boys   Home To Louisiana   we are tonight  (dan albro ou marie sorensen) V14
Bullfrog on a log   Open heart cowboy   Country Roads  
Darlin'  ©   Toes   Recto verso = modern romance  
Hey girl   Cabo san lucas   Where the wind blows  
Jambalaya     Roll in the hay N13 Caught In The Act  
Just add moonlight (maggie) N14 The blarney roses   Ding dand dam it (rachel line rock) N13
the galway gathering   Tornado   Everybody else can kiss my a  
Wanna dance   Drowning (daren bailey) V14 Knee deep  
Irish Stew    White rose   make this day  
The Long Way Home (Marie Sorensen)   Amazing grace N13 Bag of cats (Syndie Berger)  
Bandidos last ride   Beer For My Horses   Mona Lisa N14
Chippin away   Doin it right (rachael) N14 Skiffle time  
Country as can be   Monday for 2  O14 Smilin'song  
Thank's a lot   rockin' with the rhythm (rob) N14 The gambler  
Beautiful Day   All Shook Up   Untamed (M.Chabret)  
Can't s stop it  ©   askin questions   Fiona (marianne langagne) O14
Lover Please Please Come Back ©   For neige Catalan N12 It's not ok (stépahne cormier V14
Sea shells ©   I Told You So (danse Told You So)   King of fairies  
Stop crying (cati torella) N14 long hot summer N12 Lucky you  
Tush Push   T'morrow nerer know N12 rhyme or reason  
Twist & Shake   Wave On Wave    wagon weel rock = little w w  
Cut a Rug   Bosa Nova    Celtic heartbeat  
Go cat go   California Blue   Firestorm  
Good Time   Closer (line Rachel)   Go mama go  
Heyday tonight (sevrine) O14 Half past nothing N13 Good Time Jackson  
La Chapelloise (La) ©    Jungle Freak   Greater than me  
Oh Suzanna   Just a girl   HEY O (Darren Bailey)  
Tennessee Mountain (lydie bonnet)   Lookout   Islands In The Stream  
Texas Waltz ©    Southern Delight   Little white church  
Wayfaring stranger   Stay stay stay   Modern romance = recto verso  
1929   Talk is cheap Sevrine fillon   stay up tonight (Sevrine)  
Amber   Wild stallion   50 ways  
Boys will be boys N 12 Bonfire heart   A woman's rant  
Ghost Train   Canibals Stomp    All sumer long  
Gold digger N13 Celtic teardrops   Amame  
Jailhouse Creole   Fais Dodo   Burning Love  
Power   Fly High   Carolina boys  
Seminole Wind   Gerry's reel   Celtic Kittens  
Some Beach   Green grass   Chill Factor   
Stealing The Best = zic pot of gold   people are crasy   Cliché  
Where I belong   Rumba Stroll    Hallelujah  
Boys and girls   Somewhere else N12 Heave Away  
Can't go wrong   Sugar And Pai   lousa (Chrystel Durand)  
Coastin'   Whiskey instead of wine   Red camaro (lilne  
Cowboy Madison   A country high   Reflection  
Easy Come Easy Go    Celtic connection   Rock paper scissors  
Everybody Knows   City Of New Orleans   Santa fe cha cha  
For Barbara   Cooley's reel   Sissi's dance parner (dan albro) O14
Liquid lunch   DHSS   That don't impress me much