Cours Novice



After the storm Tina Argyle  video Calm After The Storm – The Common Linnets
Big city summertime Darren Bailey video Summertime, Big City Brian Wright
Coming back down Bruno Morel video Won't Ya Come Down, Derek Ryan

Chassing down a good time

Dan Albro video Chasing down a good time, Randy Houser
Chuck & cowboy Valérie DEL CAMPO TEXASVAL video Found, Dan Davidson
Dreamer Véronique Simon video Dreamer, Joey & Rory
Drinking with Doly Séverine Fillon video  
Drowning D. Bailey, F. Whitehouse, W. Bos video The Swimming Song de O'Shea

Empty space

Maria Maag video Think of You, Chris Young 
Happy happy happy Angeles Mateu Simon video Soggy Bottom Summer, Dean Brody
Lonley drum Darren Mitchell video Lonely Drum, Aaron Goodvin
Midnight train Séverine Fillion Adriano Castagnoli video Midnight train, The Washboard Union
my utopia Ole Jacobson video Utopia - John Arthur MARTINEZ
Nancy Mulligan Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly video Nancy Mulligan, Ed Sheeran
Sangria Nathalie Bertizberea video Sangria, Blake Shelton
Shine Chrystel DURAND video Shine, Erin Kinsey
Strong Bounds Séverine Fillion & Bruno Moggia video Dwight Yoakam, Michelle Branch - Long Goodbye
Teach me to fly Guylaine BourdagesRoy VerdonkGuillaume RICHARD  video Teach Me To Fly, Shake Shake Go
The bomp Kim Ray video Who put the Bomp – The Overtones



Danse 2016 2017


a girl like you Karen Kennedy video  
adios goodbye Francoise Guiillet Fanfan video  
Big blue tree   video  
Closer tonight Dream team (FFD)    
ex’s and oh’s Amy glass video  
heart of an angel william brown video  
High life severine fillon video  
just a girl severine fillon video  
Lay low   video  
Locklin's Bar maggie galagher video  
Long long way Dream team (FFD)    
lord help me   video  
Pavament ends   video  
Rain Kate Sala video  
Sinatra & chardonnay   video  
skip the line kate sala video  
Stop Staring At My Eyes! Neal Poulsen video  
Tell the world   video  
Ten buks   video  
The real deal   video  
to be in love   video  
west coast swing cowboy Dream team (FFD)    
danses de l'année 2015 2016      
ain't nothin like   video  
Alabama boy Francien Sittrop video Alabama boy, Kacey Smith
All that's left The Dream Team   All that's left by Miranda Lambert
Be strong Audray Watson video The Words 'I Love You' by Chris De Burgh
better times Stott & Vikki Morris video Better times a comin, Derek Ryan
black mercedes dan Albro video  
Dry country blue   video  
Drowning D. Bailey, F. Whitehouse, W. Bos video The Swimming Song de O'Shea
Go gentle Roy Hadisubroto & Raymond Sarlemijn video Go Gentle – Robbie Williams
Good time girl Karen Kennedy video  
Homegrown   video  
Honey, I'm good Martine Canone video  
It's America Gaye Teather video It's America de Rodney Atkins
I've been lonely The Dream Team   I've been lonely by Blake Shelto
Jacket joe   video  
just a girl sevrine fillon video  
My first weast coast swing The Dream Team   My Give a Damn's Busted by Jo Dee Messina
Push for the stride Magali Chabret video Push For The Stride - Ward Thomas
Sex Love & texas JM Belloque, W. Boss & R. Verdonk video Sex, Love & Texas by Jackson Taylor and Skinners
stay stay stay   video  
Tornado Chrystel Durand video Tornado – Little Big Town
The boat of liverpool Ross Brown video On the boat to Liverpool - Nathan Carter
Tag on David Villellas video Too Strong To Break - Beccy Cole
Under the sun Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu video Under The Sun/ Radio Edit par Tim Tim
up above my head Chrystelle, Guylène, Sylvie  video Up above my head de Rhiannon Giddens
Wave on wave Alan Birchall video Wave on wave, Pat Green
you never know sevrine fillon video  

Danses des années précedentes....

1929 Kate Sala voir la vidéo 1929, Tara Orem
2 heel and back
Rob Fowler et Kate Sala
If you're going through hell „ - Rodney Atkins
A Long way to Island
Anny Corthésy
It's A Long Way To Ireland (Randy Howard)
Amazing Grace
Rachel Mc Enanney
Amazing Grace - The Magic Choir
A Million Dreams Magali Chabret the sound of a million dreams - David Nail
Robbie Mcgowan Hickie Voir la video All your realy need is love, Brad Paisley
black coffe Helen O Malley video black cofee, Tammy Wynette Sting
Bonfire hearts Virgile Porcher et Gaetan Bachellerie video Bonfire Heart, James Blunt
buz me Frank Trace video Buzz, buzz buzz, Huey Lewis & the news
Back to You Sophie Archaimbeau Crazy days - Adam Gregory
bad things Bill Goodland voir la video bad Things, Jace Everett

Beethoven's boogie

Rob Fowler
Boobie & Beethoven, Gatlin Brothers
Bossa Nova
Blame it on the bossa nova - Jane McDonald
The blarney's roses
Maggie Gallagher
The Blarney Roses - The Willoughby Brothers
Beer for my horses
Beer for My Horses - Toby Keith - Willie Nelson
Celtic Teardrops Maggie Gallagher video  
Crackers The Dream Team (coupe de france FFD 2014 starter) video Crackers, Sara Evans
Disappearing tallights
Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Voir la video

Disappearing tail Lights - Gord Bamford

doin'it right

Rachael McEnaney
doin'it Right, Rodney Atkins
DHSS Gayle Teather video A world of blue, de Dwight Yookam
Cabo san Lucas
Rep Ghazali
Cabo san lucas - Toby Keith
California Blue
California blue - Merle Haggard
Celtic CT
Celtic CT - Rokjes - K3
City of new orleans
City of new Orleans - Roch Voisine
Chase the chicken
Chase the chicken - Rednex
Chiken Fried Rithm'n Joy voir la video Chiken Fried, Zac Brown band,


Closer - Susan Ashton
Colorado Girl
Dan Albro
Colorado Girl – The High Rollers
Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
Cooley's Reel -Sharon Corr
country as a boy can be Carina Slijters voir la video Country as a boy can be, Brady Seals
Dog Gone Blues
Jo Thompson, Michele Burton & Michael Barr
No more doggin' - Colin James
Don't rush
Rob Fowler
Don't rush - Kelly Clarkson
Easy to be sombody drunk Rythme & Joy video don't get drunk and be somebody, Toby Keith
Fill in the blanks Rachel McEnaney video fill in the blanks, Greg Bates
The Dream Team (coupe de france FFD 2014 starter)
Georgia on a fast train, Steve lovett
good tims Keith Urban Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley video Live To Love Another Day" by Keith Urban
Goodbye Monday Rob Folwer video Goodbye Monday, Maggie Rose
Got my baby back Maggie Gallagher video I got my baby back, Derek Ryan
Home to Louisiana Gilles Labrecque video Home to louisiana, Ann Tayler
For Barbara
Anthony Maxence
Saint Patrick An Dro Carlos Nunez
Guillaume Richard
Giddy On Up – Laura Bell Bundy
Green grass
Magali Chabret
Green Grass - Chris GARRICK
Gotta keep praying
Gotta keep prayng - Paul Overstreet
Half past nothin
Neville Fitzgarald & Julie Harris
Knock knock - Jack Savoretti
Hearts and Flower
Hearts and flowers – Dave Sheriff
just a little love Maggie Gallagher video Just a little love, Derek Ryan
Just Add Moonlight Maggie Gallagher video Just add moonlight, Eli Young Band
Lipso so close Rafel Corbi video When Your lips are so close, Gord Bamford
My everything Dee Musk, voir la video Center of my word - Chris Young
Long hot summer Magali Chabret
Long Hot Summer - Keith Urban
knee deep
Knee deep - Zac brown band
Little R&R
Little bit of Rock N Roll - Johnathan East
Love Story
Phyllis Manier
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Mamas Pearls
Mama's Pearl's - Dave Sheriff
Marie Sorensen
Flute - Barcode Brothers
Not Fair
Not fair - Lilly Allen
Picnic polka
David Paden
Cowboy Sweetheart - Lee Ann Rimes
raggle taggle Gypsy O Maggie Gallagher video Raggle taggle Gypsy O, Derek Ryan
  Voir la video I don't know what she said - Blaine Larson
Rock & roll king Rachel McEnaney viceo Rock and roll is king, Electric light orchestra
Rockin'with the rhythm Rob Fowler video Rockin'with the rhyghm or the rain, The Judds
Springsteen Gail Smith video Springsteen, Eric Church
Sweet Maureen Rafel Corbi Espagne video Sweet Maureen
The boat to liverpool Ross Brown video On the boat to Liverpool, Nathan Carter
Red hot rock'n'roller
Red hot rock N roller - Dave Sheriff
Roll in the hay
Annie Corthesy
Roll In The Hay - Don Derby
Seminole Wind
Seminole wind - John Anderson
Skiffle-time Darren Dailey voir la vidéo Mama Don't Allow - The Jive Aces
Somewhere else
Darren "Dazza" BAILEY
Somewhere else - Toby Keith
Summer Fly
Geoffrey Rothwell
Every wants to go to heaven - Kenny CHESNEY
Saturday Night DJ Ole voir la video Saturday night, Heidi Hauge
Sweet delight Elodie Mouillé video Sweet Dilight, Dan Albro
Take a breather Maggie Galagher voir la vidéo I Need a Breather, Darryl Vorley
Talk is cheap
Séverine Fillion
Talk Is Cheap -Alan Jackson
Talk is cheap
Martine Canonne
Talk Is Cheap -Alan Jackson
Taverns Time
Honkytonk Life - Darryl Worley
You can't Read My Mind – Toby Keith
That Dont Impress Me Much
That don't impress me much - Shania Twain
T'Morrow nevers knows
Maggie Gallagher
Tomorrow Never Know - Bruce Springsteen
Trailerhood - Toby Keith
Toes - Zac Brown Band
too much contra
Too much blood in my alcohol level - David Ball
walking away Rachel McEnaney voir la video As She's Walking Away, Alan Jackson et Zac Brown Band
We tote the note The Dream Team (coupe de france FFD 2014 starter) video We tote the note, T. Graham Brown
we where us Guy Dubé vidéo We were us, Keith Urban
When Push comes to shove Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris video  
Whiskey instead of wine Vikki Morris video Whiskey instead of roses, Ashley Monroe
You'll be Mine Virgile Porcher voir la video You'll be mine - The Pierces
wagon wheel rock Yvonne Anderson voir la video wagon wheel, Nathan Carter
Gaye Teather
White Rose - Toby Keith
You Got That Thang
Rachel McEnaney
You Got That Thang - Uncle Kracker
I'm still dancing with you
Annie Corthesy
I'm still dancing with you - Wade Hayes
stay stay stay Niel Pulsen voir la video Stay stay stay, Taylor Swift
King of Fairies Jerome Le Tutour voir la video The king of Fairies, Pmandeus
Midnight Waltz Jo Thompson Cry - Faith Hill
David Pytka

Voir la video

Celebrit - Brad Paisley
You don't love me
You Don't Love Me - Caro Emerald
Mokkamann - Plumbo
Somewhere else darren bailey
Somewhere else - Toby Keith
ballymore boys Dynamite Dot video The boys from Ballymore, Sham Rock
Push For the Stride Magali Chabret video Push For the Stride, Ward Thomas
King of Fairies Jérome Le Tutour video The King of Fairies, Amandeus
rock around the clock inconnu video Rock around the clock, Bill Haely
Side of town Elodie Mouillé video The Side of town, Maddie & Tae
Novocaine Renegade Rich & Debi Krajsovics video Novocaine, Little Big Town
baby come back to me Micaela Svensson video Baby come back to me, The Monhattan Transfer